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Well it's been a minute. Since my last post I have graduated from James Madison University (I somehow managed to get a B in astronomy), did some traveling, accepted a year long job, and decided to reboot this blog.

My contract for the summer has yet to start and needless to say I have been a little bored at home. The first two weeks post-grad I caught a bug (perhaps from sitting in the pouring rain for graduation) and was pretty much down for the count. Luckily my antibiotics kicked in in time to head back to Harrisonburg to play Survivor. Following that, Christina and I finally took our trip to New York, which we had been trying to do since last summer. We saw two fantastic shows: Miss Saigon and Bandstand, which both featured some JMU alum. We also met up with Charlie and ate brunch, sat on the steps at the Met (unfortunately Chuck Bass never showed up), went to the Drama Book Shop, and managed to never get on the wrong subway. We did almost miss our bus back to DC, but hey we learned that NYC taxi drivers will speed through many yellow lights if you tell them to book it.

After a busy (and exhausting) 36-ish hours in my favorite city, we made it back to DC where I met up with my SMMP mentor and shadowed the incredible SM team of Woolly Mammoth's Hir. I learned so much and am incredibly thankful for the few days I was able to spend with the phenomenal team. (I even ran into two more JMU ALUM there as well!) It was also a good experience because I did some adventuring alone and even ate alone, which is something I have almost never done in the past four years (I'm a people person what can I say).

Now that I'm officially a graduate and (potentially/at the moment) have more free time, I am going to try and reboot this blog and post a little more often. In the next couple of weeks I will taking one final trip to Harrisonburg, heading down to South Carolina to visit my grandparents, and starting my first post-grad gig. Following that I'm making a big move out to Sacramento so feel free to follow along on all of my adventures here and on social media:

@SeaChels12 on Twitter

@SeaChels1294 on Instagram

Until next time, just keep swimming <3

Chelsea Janke


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