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Just June Things

June has been a HUGE month for this blog. ICYMI here are some highlights:

  • I purchased my domain! No more super long links to get to my posts. is officially alive and thriving!

  • Tipsy Theatre Traveler is officially on Facebook:

  • I held another Instagram Live (#LivefromtheLaundryRoom) which was partially entertaining.

  • I held my first Instagram giveaway (Congrats @Kiragav 💜 message me on Facebook or Instagram to claim your prize)

I'm very excited for July and all of the adventures to come, but here's a little summary of some of my favorite things from this month. I'm going to try and do this every month and include anything from my favorite food to my favorite office supply, but seeing how this is a theatre/travel/alcohol blog I'm going to do my best to at least include my favorite play, favorite travel spot, and favorite beverage.

Not only will this give you all some highlights from the month, but I'm hoping this will encourage me to read more, see more, and drink more*.

And by drink more I simply mean try new drinks 😇.

So here it goes. My favorites for the month of June.

*Also I'm not fancy enough to be sponsored by anyone so these are just my opinions.

Favorite Book:

I'm currently in the middle of Handmaid's Tale and Anna Kendrick's Scrappy Little Nobody. So far so good. I'll post reviews on Instagram as soon as I'm done.

Favorite Restaurant:

In terms of new (not chain) restaurants I have tried Old Chicago, Bliss, and Walton's since being in Indiana. Walton's by far had the best food- I got a barbecue sandwich with mashed potatoes. Bliss has INCREDIBLE ice cream though. I'm also really into McAlisters and don't know why I never got hip to it in Harrisonburg.

Favorite Beverage:

Florida Georgia Peach Whiskey (?) at Walton's

I don't remember the exact name of it, but it had a lot of fruit and flavor to mask the whiskey (which I normally don't drink unless it's in a fun drink like this one). Very good.

Favorite Watering Hole:

Marina's Point

Only went here for a little bit one Sunday night, but it's the awesome indoor/outdoor bar with a dance floor and it's right on the water. Very excited to go back.

Favorite coffee:

A cup of Keurig coffee with Hazelnut creamer.

So my last three weeks in Sacramento (#missyoubabe) I went out to eat and bought Starbucks and/or Naked Coffee So I'm trying to save some money and so far so good. I've only gotten Starbucks twice since being out here.

I've also been putting my coffee in a mason jar overnight and having some incredible at home iced coffee.

PS. My Keurig has been getting (ALOT) of coffee grounds in it when I use my reusable K-cup. I've cleaned it well, tried putting less coffee in the cup, and have just resorted back to the "1 and done". Has anyone else had this issue with their Keurig or reusable K-cup? I'd love to get back to the eco-friendly (and frankly even cheaper) way, but would like my coffee without the grinds. Advice appreciated.

Netflix Binge:

Currently I'm rewatching The Originals. I bailed on the show around season 2 because I got busy and didn't have cable at school. Just finished season 1 and balled my eyes out during the finale even though I had seen it previously. Sorry not sorry I grew up as one of those vampire girls.

Favorite Quote:

"The Dream is Free. The Hustle is sold separately."

This fantastic quote was shared by Clay (he's written for this here blog a couple of times) and I absolutely fell in love with it. He shares great quotes all the time so go check out his Instagram @inclaynation if you want some daily inspiration.

Favorite beauty product:

Yes-to face masks. I've been particularly fond of the grapefruit one at the moment.

So I haven't read (or seen) any plays this month -except I'm going to see Bandstand at the movies tonight- so I don't have any favorites to share with you all. But I promise I'll be a better theatre kid next month. Here's to July and more extremely warm Indiana adventures!

Much love,



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