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Hartford? Haven? What's the difference?

Hello my beautiful readers & happy Travel Tuesday🚙

Before I get into today's post, I wanted to tell you about a new thing I discovered I could do on my blog: Categories! If you head to the blog tab on my website, it will give you a list of all of the posts I have ever published. But now you can easily find the posts you want with categories!

If you click your mouse on Finance Friday or Theatre it will take you to all of the related posts on that topic! The categories I have so far are: Theatre, Travel, Finance Friday, and Guest Posts. Some posts fall into more than one category, but I'm hoping this makes it easier for you all to find the posts you are looking for! I've been wanting to do this for a while now so I'm glad I finally figured it out. Let me know if it's helpful or not!

Now for the post:

In this week's day off adventures, we learn the importance of reading your ticket information.

Before I even moved to New Haven, I looked at all of the national tours that would be coming through the area and got them in my calendar so I didn't miss anything I wanted to see. Some of the tours were coming through Hartford and some through New Haven.

And because Hartford is a good 40 minutes away from New Haven, I thought I might as well make a cute trip out of it with Monday being my day off and having no matinees on Tuesday. So I got a hotel room and planned to spend the day after shopping at Blue Back Square.

Until it wasn't cute anymore. I was discussing my plans with our company manager in relationship to the shuttles that day. He was confused as to why the Something Rotten tour would be going to Hartford after having been in New Haven the day before.

Guess what friends?

The tour was not going to Hartford.

Luckily the person I was going with was super chill about it. And thank goodness the tour was in New Haven because shuttles took a little longer and it gave me time to eat and get ready before the show.

We did cut it pretty close and made it to the show right before curtain, which had me hella stressed. But we did make it to the show and what a great show it was!

I had seen the show before in NYC, but it was after a long finals week so I didn't get to appreciate it as much as I wanted to. But this time I was able to fully enjoy the show and appreciate the clever af script.

The amount of musical theatre references thrown into that script is incredible and I caught so many more of them the second time around. It was also a great joy seeing my friend Zachary shine on stage! There is nothing I love more (or that inspires me more) than seeing my friends live out their dreams -so send me your show dates friends!

On Monday I took a trip to Blue Back Square upon recommendation by my good friend Andy. It was absolutely the cutest place to get in some holiday shopping. We stopped at Barnes and Noble, browsed some bougie (that's my word of the month apparently you guys) furniture stores, and went to The Cheesecake Factory. We then headed back to New Haven with intentions to watch Elf and make cookies.

We also stopped at Target because it's the happiest place on Earth.

Literal words I said in Target:

Me- Gracie just bought holiday soap, but maybe I want some holiday soap too.

smells soap

I definitely need some holiday soap too.

puts soap in cart


After a trip to Target, the plans to watch Elf backfired as Elf is no longer a part of the 25 Days of Christmas. Like what sort of nonsense is that? So we decided to make (spiked) hot chocolate and watch my all time favorite feel good movie: 22 Jump Street.

I was trying to get a cute picture for the Gram when I spilled hot chocolate ALL OVER THE RUG.

Epic holiday fail.


Don't worry after it was (semi) cleaned up I still managed to get a picture.

All in all it was an incredible weekend with a few little mishaps along the way. Let this be a lesson to all of you young folks to always check your tickets for show date, time and LOCATION. And to be careful when taking all of your #basic instagram photos this holiday season.

Be sure to check out the blog on Theatre Thursday for a posts on my favorite thing of all time: CONFERENCES! I'm off to a do a nine show week (With a 10:30 AM student show) HOORAY!

Much love always,



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