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All In.

One of my best friends left to go back to Chicago two days ago. I work with my other best friend so she's just as busy as I am. And my newly founded friend just possibly might have #booked and is going to be leaving for an entire year.

An amazing job with timing you can only dream of.

(Plus I read the sides with him to rehearse so like not saying it was my Tony-winning performance skills that helped him land the job but 😏)

Now don't get me wrong, there is the tiniest part of me that wants to be selfish. For the job to not come through. The work schedule to stop being so full. Molly to freaking move to New York already.

But my teeny-tiny desire to be selfish is tremendously outweighed by my overwhelming desire to go all in for my friends and my tribe.

I will ALWAYS be a believer in community over competition.

But beyond that, I will always go ALL IN for my community. Meaning I will always be here for you- to laugh our faces off until 4 am, talk you through every outcome & make all the pro/con lists, move your dressers, eat mozz sticks, double date, proof your resumes, cry & question if dating is worth it, read sides with, whatever it is is, you name it I'm there. I will be your biggest cheerleader, your shoulder to lean on, and also the kick in the pants when you need it.

Our friendships and tribes are constantly fluctuating and adapting, but this especially rings true in theatre.


And for someone like me who goes all in and wants the best for every single person I interact with, it can be challenging.


Especially when people don't want to go all in too. Or use it as an opportunity to take advantage of you.

But the good eggs greatly outweigh the bad ones. And everyone deserves to have people willing to go all in for them. I'm thankful for my tribe and community who goes all in for me each and every day. And I will continue to show up each and every day for them and for anyone else a part of this community.

And also like what freaking talents they are am I right?

Proud is an understatement.


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