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Week 1: Motivation Station

Raise your hand if you had big dreams for 2020?

Now how many of you had your big dreams interrupted by the current state of the world?

Earlier this week I sent out an email with a freebie breaking down how to reclaim your 2020 goals. We looked at the goals we set for the year, the goals we've accomplished, and how we can adjust our goals now that we are more than halfway thru the year.

One of the biggest tips I have when looking at your goals is following the SMART goals system (Specific; Measurable; Attainable; Relevant; Time Bound). More on this system can be found thru a simple Google search).

Did you miss the freebie? No worries- you can still get access to it by adding your email to the subscribe box at the bottom of this page!

Now that we know what we want to accomplish, it's time to get motivated. Here are a few tips from yours truly:

1. Journaling

Journaling -and I mean pen to paper journaling- is a huge way to get all of your feelings out on paper. It does not have to be beautiful paragraphs or include ideas for the next great American novel. I literally sit down and brain dump all of my feeling into one of the many random notebooks I have. Getting my thoughts out helps me figure out why I am feeling unmotivated or uninspired. The why I'm stuck is crucial in getting unstuck.

Here are some of the current things holding me back in accomplishing my goals (and why adjusting them earlier this week was a huge help): COVID; the Broadway shutdown; feeling like my voice won't make a difference; forcing myself to be creative.

2. Focus on one goal and set aside the time to accomplish it.

This is something I take from the Start Today Practice. You cannot do all things all the time. I pick one goal to focus on and set aside time every single day to work towards this goal. You may be thinking -oh well I have all of the time in the world right now -but I'm here to tell you that blocking out specific hours to accomplish it will make your life so much easier. More on this to come in week four and five.

3. Don't force it.

Ask any of my friends and they will tell you I'm terrible at taking breaks even in creative ruts. As a leader and content creator I want to keep showing up for you all no matter what. Plus as an Enneagram 3 I thrive when I'm being productive and working towards something.

However, forcing it will only make things worse. I hit a tremendous wall yesterday and ended up lying in my bed (and crying let's be honest) most of yesterday because I was feeling so stuck.

So instead of forcing it......

4. Do things that bring you happiness.

Watch a movie, read a book, have a dance party, color, make a spread in your planner, or treat yourself to an iced coffee.

Doing things you enjoy will instantly put you in a better mood and when you are happy, it's easier to find motivation to accomplish your goals.

5. Keep learning.

I am a huge believer in life long learning. I am always reading motivational books, listening to podcasts, and signing up for online trainings to become as knowledgeable as possible. The more I know on a given topic (i.e. Instagram) the easier it will be to achieve my goals (growing and scaling my brand). The information you need to achieve your goals is out there - you just have to look for it.

6. Ask for help.

You have a community-don't be afraid to use it. If you don't have the information necessary to accomplish something- ask a friend for recommendations or assistance. However, I truly believe in compensating creators for their work (and this is one of my newly instated goals; check my freebie out for the complete list).

I am slowly starting to incorporate this because even though most of my friends and mentors are willing to do the work for free, doesn't mean they should be forced to. It may be a low offering at the moment (because all of my content is provided for free and I am unemployed)., but I am hoping this will increase over time. I also plan on offering an "exchange" for the time being (return the favor) until I can increase the financial compensation.

Also stay tuned for some v exciting news on this front soon.

7. Don't beat yourself.

I was listening to Dave Hollis on Instagram Live this morning and he said something that really stuck with me.

You can't give up. Even though these days in quarantine are never-ending, eventually this too will pass. You have to celebrate your wins- no matter how small- but you also must acknowledge the losses. However, just because you have bad day it does not take away from all of the work you have put in thus far or will put in in the future.

Also bonus tip: if you need an instant boost of motivation I highly recommend watching Hamilton on Disney+ because honestly there is almost nothing better.

I hope these tips help you overcome the overwhelming feeling of giving up on everything right now. There are going to be more ups and downs in the months to come, but it is okay to have hope.

We will come out stronger- I promise.

Much love always,



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