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Welcome to NYC: 1 Month Down.

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

Tomorrow officially marks 1 month of me living in New York City. Part of me feels like I just moved here yesterday, while the rest of me feels like I've been here for years.

And I thought there is no better way to re-introduce Travel Tuesdays than with a little post sharing some insight from my first month.

  • There are stairs everywhere. So after you walk 20,000 steps on an average day (and are literally crawling to your bed) don't forget you still have one last set of subway stairs to climb.

  • LOOK UP. You will spot people on the street/in the coffee shop/ literally EVERYWHERE that you've seen on tv or in a Broadway show and you have to resist the urge to fan girl with every fiber of your being.

  • You will be poor. Embrace the ramen life.

  • It is the largest city, but also the smallest city. The chances you run into everyone you know are very high so LOOK ALIVE.

  • When friends come to visit from out of town and they are exhausted, let them be exhausted. They aren't use to being here every day.

  • Starbucks is great and on every block. But there are so many other places and most of them are better. Except Joe's coffee. Never get Joe's coffee.

  • Avoid Times Square. Especially on the weekend.

  • Never pay full price for a ticket. Always enter the lotteries.

  • Dating apps are crazy. There are so many people here, so guys tend to be very direct. If you aren't what they want, they move on to the next.

  • Columbus Circle isn't as hard to understand when you have some bearings.

  • If you work with young adult actors, chances are you'll be binge watching a new Amazon Prime show and they'll pop up on an episode.

  • NEVER turn down a comp ticket. Even if it's for a 3 hour long show.

  • The subways aren't as hard as they appear. (I've only gotten on the wrong train ONCE since being here.)

  • Google Maps is a life savior.

  • The city is amazing, but so are city escapes (I'm personally a fan of CT.) Get out and see some trees every once and a while.

  • Someone told me, "Take the rights when you can" referring to when to cross the street. And to that I advise you, take any and all crosses when you can. No car coming? Cross.

  • The work will come.

  • I kind of find it funny when it rains in the city. Everyone is soaked, umbrellas are inside-out, and we're all hoping we aren't the one to get hit as the taxi drives through the puddle. Is it weird I find it almost like a bonding experience because we're all drenched and slightly miserable?

I was coming back from New Haven yesterday and I got a call about a job opportunity. And I thought back on to how I was feeling around this time last year. I'll spare you the details, but it's a complete 180.


Life has a crazy way of working out.


(And then I arrived back in NYC and had to walk many blocks to get on the right subway to get home and I had a paper bag full of apples, pumpkins, and other groceries. And yes of course one of the handles broke -luckily nothing fell out- so I had to carry said bag like I was holding a small child the final 4+ blocks, on the subway, up those last set of subway stairs and finally to my apartment. Meanwhile sweating because I'm wearing a sweatshirt because it's October but in actuality it's 70 degrees out)

So my final bit of insight, NYC will give you incredible highs, but also knows how to keep you humble.

Here's to many more highs & lows!

Much love always,



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