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For the boys in the front

I just had a heated discussion with some incredible ladies about how some guys just don't seem to get it. They walk around with their chin up and insist on being at the center of every conversation. They have to be in charge, to have the last word, and make sure their laugh is the loudest.

And just so we are clear: I do not hate males. In fact, quite the opposite. I thoroughly enjoy their company and most of my best friends are guys. It wasn't until very very recently though that I stopped living for them and started living for me. But I promise I am not one of men-hating feminists who does not seem to understand what feminism is actually about.

But this one is for the boys in the front.

The one's who claim to be allies.

Your actions speak louder than your words.

If you sit in class and shout out answers while female classmates are raising their hand, you are part of the problem.

If you slap a girl's butt at a party just to "keep things interesting", you are part of the problem.

If you try to convince a girl to do X,Y, or Z with you even after she said no the first time, you are part of the problem.

Being an ally for women isn't just about saying you are in a long Anti-Trump Facebook post. It's about what you do behind closed doors and how you treat ALL women.

Think about it. Think about how you would want your mother, sister, or future daughter to be treated. And remember:

You are not entitled to anything or anyone.

And to all my ladies reading this please remember, you are intelligent and worth more than a male's opinion.

Until next time- just keep swimming <3

Chelsea Janke


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