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You can bet [that she's crying in the front]

The final dress for Guys and Dolls (#GirlsandBoys #DollsandGuys) of course made me extremely emotional. I've always gotten extremely attached to shows I have worked on, but the magic around musicals makes them extremely special and me extremely emotional.

The first show I did as an official theatre major at JMU was All Shook Up.

After a series of events, I was able to work as an assistant stage manager for Sweet Charity.

And of course, everyone knows how much love I have for Dogfight.

But here we are, my last opening of a MainStage musical at James Madison University.

I cannot thank Matos enough for this opportunity to assistant direct this incredible show with my partner in crime Chris Sanderson. I have enjoyed every single moment and have learned so much from him and the entire production team. I love this entire cast and crew so much and I cannot wait to cheer them on from the front row tonight.

Beyond that, I am extremely grateful for the multiple opportunities I have had to work in the beautiful space that is the MainStage theatre (and with so many incredible production teams) that have pushed me to be the theatre artist I am today.

Happy Opening everyone! Time to share this fun with a sold out house every.single.night.

Until next time-just keep swimming <3




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