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41 Days

AHH! I just turned in my senior seminar rough draft this morning and things are starting to get real. It's been a hectic few weeks of conferences, applying for (and accepting) my first professional job and doing work for the few classes I have left to take in order to graduate.

While I have a million and two things to do before I graduate including opening and closing two more shows, my senior seminar project, and getting through astronomy, I want to challenge myself to try do something fun and new every single day (while also not spending all of my money). Whether it be getting coffee with someone I barely talk to, exploring the arboretum, movie nights, sitting on the quad and reading a new book- there isn't much time left here in Harrisonburg and I want to get as much in as possible.

I love JMU and I love being around the people here so please let me know if you want to grab a cup of coffee or want to join me on any adventures.

*Blog post inspired my a trip to the lavender farm with my best friend in the whole entire world.*

Just keep swimming because graduation is coming <3


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