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Not Wine-ing about my day off

Anyone who knows me knows my drink of choice is wine. Well on Sunday, after about a month and half in Auburn, I FINALLY went to one of the many wineries in/around the surrounding area.

My friends Sara and Elliot picked me up around 2:30 PM and we made our way about thirty minutes down the road to Varick Winery in Romulus, New York. We talked about the constant, ever-so present job grind that all theatre people are on all.the.time., school, credit cards, and taxes (because almost every thing can be business expense when it comes to theatre).

Now onto the wine....

The tasting consisted of six wines (of your choosing) for only $4.00. This was incredible to me because there were so many options. I have only gone to one other wine tasting and it was at The White Oak Lavender Farm near Harrisonburg so the choices were limited.

The wines I drank with their ratings (and in order from least favorite to favorite):

The * indicates what the tasting was paired with.

(please note these are all sweet but honestly who is surprised considering my love for Barefoot Moscato)

Ranking: 3

The 2015 Riesling (Blue): Grapefruit and apple on the nose with citrus highlights. Pair with stuffed pork chops or Hawaiian pizza.

* This one was a little to dry for my liking. It was paired with a grape pumpkin spice butter / spread of some sort. To be honest I liked the spread more than I liked the wine.

Ranking: 3

Varick White: The intense fruitiness of Cayuga White meets the elegance of Seyval in this semi-sweet white wine. Serve with fresh fruit or cheese and herbed crackers.

*This one was paired with some cheese spread.. Wasn't a fan of the cheese or the wine. Subpar.

Ranking: 4

Country Porch: A delicate blend of equal parts Baco Noir, Catawba & Vignoles create a sangria-like wine a light sweetness. Great with corn-on-the-cob, grilled veggies and sweet BBQ.

*This was paired with a bbq dip. It was a red wine so I was surprised I enjoyed it so much.

Ranking: 4

Country House: A Rose style wine blend of red and white grapes. A crisp burst of strawberry and red apple flavor. Enjoy with your favorite cheeses or pork dishes.

*Paired with a strawberry dijon sauce which was equally delicious.

Ranking: 5

2015 Vignoles: Rich tropical notes of pineapple with hints of green apple. Serve with spicy food.

*This was paired with a mango/pineapple salsa and I would have bought it had I found the salsa in the store sooner/ it was cheaper.

PS. I accidentally tried Ghost Chili Salsa- 10/10 would not recommend if you don't want your mouth to be on fire for at least 10 minutes.


-Varick Blush: Catawba with a splash of Cayuga. Scents of grapefruit and honeydew, leading to a burst of strawberry.

- Mini Peanut Butter Cups

* Paired with mini peanut butter cups. Perfect dessert wine.

My first trip to the winery here in Auburn was so much fun and was such a relaxing way to spend the afternoon off. I'm looking forward to exploring more of Auburn soon as tech/opening for Ghost has passed.

See you after tech,



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