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I'm back (and I know it's Thursday, but hey I'm still getting a post in this week so go me 💃🏼)!

Here's a little update:

Ghost is officially open at Merry Go Round Playhouse and it is moving fast and furious. I no joke feel like tech was 20 seconds ago. And while I loved Parade, I absolutely love my track in this show because I am busy for the entirety of the show. Between moving the bed on and off, prop handoffs/catches, and moving escape stairs/furniture constantly I barely have time to catch my breath. While this show has been one of the most challenging shows (both physically and mentally) I have ever worked on, I am learning so much and I cannot believe the run is almost over.

To the cast/creatives/crew/everyone who had a hand in this show: Ditto. This is a beast of a show and I am so thankful I got to work with and learn from you all. Until the next one ❤️👻

My Sunday off was spent at the New York State Fair (after sleeping in until 1:30 PM because #GhostTech) and it was absolutely incredible. It was also so big and Sarah and I spent 30 minutes wandering around/ trying to find the rest of the group. I'm not one for fair rides because I think they are pretty sketchy mostly because they set them up/take them down so quickly. So while the rest of the squad rode rides, I held their stuff and ate a funnel cake like the true soccer mom I am.

There was also a LulaRoe booth and of course I bought a Carly and then indulged in a peach sangria wine slushie. Unfortunately, it was more slushie than wine, but it was still pretty good. We walked around a lot, saw the animals, went to the different booths and played a few games (in which I won nothing). We ate some food (aka corn on the cob, fried candy bars, etc.) and then made our trek to the parking lot. Sarah and I jammed to Hamilton and hit up Wegmans on the way home.

10/10 would recommend this fair.

This coming Sunday is my last official day off in Auburn and Ghost closes on September 16th. If anyone in NYC wants to come see the show please do not hesitate to reach out to me about comp/discounted tickets!

Here's to a few more Auburn adventures before heading to the west coast!




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