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West Coast and the Living is (Sometimes) Easy

Hey so I have been MIA for a little while, but since my last post Ghost closed and I have since moved across the country to start my internship in Sacramento. The flight to Chicago was fine but my flight from Chicago to Sacramento was a bit bumpy. We boarded the plane and then had to wait an hour to take off because there was a scratch on the side of the plane. There was also lots of turbulence and a rough (and the pilot even commented on it) landing. I hate flying, but thankfully they played Pirates of the Caribbean and This is Us so it was a little bit easier to get through. Needless to say, it has been a bit of whirlwind, going from coast to coast so fast, but it has been 13 days and it is going pretty well so far.

I live in an apartment and with three other girls and they are all extremely wonderful human beings. It is a small space, but we are making it work and it will be a cozy home for the next few months. We are within walking distance from the theatre so even though I can drive now, most days I walk to work to save money on gas/because I like walking more anyways. Most of the time during the days I work in the office scanning/printing/etc. either for the education department or an upcoming production. At nights I drive to Sacramento State University to work as the child manager for their production of Annie (essentially I'm also the child wrangler, but I am the one in communication with parents/take blocking notes, etc. for all of the orphans/Annie).

While I have so much love for Auburn, there is about 1 million times more things to do in this city. If you follow me on Snapchat you may have seen a video from Dive- which is a bar that has mermaids and mermen swimming in a tank above the bar. We didn't know a lot of the music they played there, but the atmosphere was still awesome. Right next door to Dive was a place called District 30 -more of a club than a bar, but extremely good music and the line wasn't to long to get inside.

There is also Farm to Fork Festival (which thankfully happens more than once) where my roommate Gabby and I ran to get tacos between shows one day. I cannot wait to go back because there was so much food and music and we only got to hang out there for a few minutes.

On the way to work there is a coffee shop called Naked and both times I went I got iced mochas. I know it is going to be the Greenberries while I am out here because it is super convenient and very good. There is another coffee shop called Shine, which we went to last night for a Jazz Open Mic night event. They serve alcohol as well and I got a Red Dragon Hard Apple Cider and it was 8 bucks for a bottle that was essentially two drinks. The drink was great, the music was incredible and they have them every Thursday so I cannot wait to go back.

I won't lie and say being across the country is easy. It is hard being so far away from my family (even though I have gotten used to it) and all of my friends from JMU and the Go Round. I am a very nostalgic person and treasure the people I am lucky enough to have in my life with my whole heart. It is weird texting people and the first thing they say is, "How's California?". I hate that I'm not close enough to surprise people and come see their show or grab a cup of coffee randomly.. And making friends is HARD. My roommates and I have been racking our brains and trying to find ways to meet friends outside of each other and work. So let us know if you have any suggestions.

Anyways, California is mostly great. I just got back from the happiest place on earth (Target) where I got an iced PSL and spent way to much money on some fall clothes. Stay tuned to this blog to see if I make any new friends, spend all my money at cool hipster coffee shops, or fall in love with one of the merman who work at Dive.

Happy International Coffee Day!

Love always,



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