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Broadway in 45's Presidency

When I decided to reboot my blog, my plan was originally to try and post once a week on a Tuesday (or Thursday) because it went with the "T" alliteration I was going for with Tipsy Theatre Traveler. This however was a lot easier when my day off each week was Monday. But now my day off is usually Friday(weird right?) and I realized this blog is not meant to be a chore I have to force into my schedule. It's meant to be something I enjoy and I should just blog when I'm free to blog.

So I've had this question/thought on my mind about the shows coming to Broadway and I would love to hear what other people have to say on the matter.

Why do we think the stories coming to Broadway this season are of a lighter nature?

(i.e) Mean Girls, SpongeBob the Musical, Escape to Margaritaville )

Now please please don't think I am trying to lessen any of these musicals worth or do not think these stories need to be told. I am actually really bummed I can't see Mean Girls (as some of my favorites are in it) while it is in DC. And my brother (who is 7) wants to see SpongeBob, which tbh I'm all about him wanting to see any type of theatre at such a young age.

However, after such a powerful time of storytelling in - i.e. The Color Purple, Eclipsed, Come from Away, Natasha, Pierre & The Great Comet of 1812, Hamilton- the upcoming shows seem a bit more commercial.

Is is because the world is going up in flames around us and we need to go to the theatre to escape and feel joy again? Isn't this the time to keep pushing boundaries and telling the important stories that make people think and question everything?

Don't get me wrong Mean Girls is about bullying and not being afraid to be yourself and I'm sure SpongeBob will have some greater message as well. But I wonder if this is a step back in terms of telling new stories on Broadway.

I watched a roundtable of the 2016 Tony Award nominees discussing diversity on Broadway in the spring for a class assignment. There was a section where Leslie Odom Jr. was discussing how even post-Hamilton he was struggling to find work.


Here is a link:

So I'm left wondering why the change? Money? 45? The luck of the season? Is this a change people in the industry -i.e. most likely you the person reading this- are happy about? Or could you care less?

Let's talk. Civilly of course.

Much love always,


PS. Mini life update: I went to a bar last night that had a cycling contest in the middle of the bar and it was the most Californian thing I've seen to date.


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