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Peacocks, Tigers, Bears, OH MY!

Yesterday was my day off and so I was finally able to do some adventuring with my roommates. I started off going to the Midtown Farmer’s Market. There was a lot of good produce, candles, t-shirts and wood carvings, and these gorgeous hand woven baskets. I definitely plan on going back for some Christmas presents soon. I also bought a crepe with Nutella and strawberries and it was the I proceeded to then get Nutella all over my pants but honestly it was worth it.

We then went to this cute little bookstore called The Book Collector. It was really cheap and I bought two books. After we got home, Kortney and I went to the library where I finally got a library card and I got two books there as well.


We got home and I made a grilled cheese before heading to the zoo. It was more of an animal sanctuary but regardless we were pumped. It was 30 minutes away but we were pumped. When we got there it was really really small and very few of the animals were out. We saw a tiger, a bear, a raccoon, some deer, and lots of peacocks. I know zoos are usually hit or miss depending on the weather/day, but regardless we were still kind of bummed.

On our way to the zoo we had passed some outlets so we decided to stop on our way back. It was packed but we managed to score a decent parking spot and a couple things at Forever 21. We headed back home and stopped at Nena’s (a fantastic Mexican restaurant) close to our apartment. We got margaritas and ate so much food. We finally headed home and I spent the rest of the evening finishing You Are a Badass, watching (more like sobbing through) This is Us and then starting one of my new books.

We are heading into my favorite month of the year and it’ll be hard being away from home for most of it. But I have a lot of exciting blog post planned and I will be home before we know it so stay tuned!

Much love,



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