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23 Goals for Year 23

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

As a follow up to my last blog post, "22 Reasons I Loved 22", I've decided to write a post about 23 goals for this upcoming year (starting December 11th technically because it makes things easier to track). Because everyone knows you are more accountable and likely to accomplish something if you write it down or share it with others. Now I'm not expecting you as my readers to check up on me in the sense of "Did you call your grandparents this week?" (but like hey if you wanted to go for it) , but rather just be my little cheerleaders along the way. Send me suggestions of your favorite books or recipes and if we're near by lets do some yoga together. So without further ado here are my 23 goals for year 23:

  • Read 15 books: I have so much more time to read out here in "real world" and I enjoy reading so much. I want to get back into it because I know once I start I can never stop. Some books on my list include- A Man Called Ove, Wonder, and Turtles All the Way Down. Please let me know if you have any suggestions.

  • Complete a 30 day yoga challenge (and then keep up with yoga at least twice a week): So found a 30 day yoga challenge (Yoga with Adrienne on Youtube) and really want to try it. My roommates love yoga and I've decided to give it another try also because I hate running /cardio. So I'm going to complete this 30 day challenge in hopes I will fall in love with yoga and then make it a twice a week thing. I am hoping I can do it more than twice a week, but I'm trying to make realistic goals for myself and if I do more than what I set it'll be a superstar week.

  • Drink more decaf: So in my 22 Things I loved about 22 post, I posted about how I drank more coffee and I loved every ​​​​second of it. Which is true. But it might have gone a little far. And so I'm trying to use the idea of "walk" instead of "don't run" that teachers use all the time. Because I'm not one of those coffee drinkers who hates decaf. So here's to more decaf!

  • Travel to 3 new places: Not like Europe or anywhere expensive. But small road trips (I mean I do go back across the country at some point) are what I am aiming for. New Orleans has been a dream of mine for a while now. LA maybe. But I've been on this traveling kick and I want to keep it going.

  • Get my passport: On the same idea, I don't have a passport yet, so when it comes time for me to finally get to go abroad I want to be ready.

  • Watch Peaky Blinders: Laura West has recommended this show to me more times than I count. And now that I've finished Gilmore Girls it's time for a new show.

  • Call my grandparents at least twice a week: I call my mom 50 times a day, I can make the time to call them at least twice a week.

  • Blog once a week: I've been loving blogging lately and I've been getting a pretty good response from family and friends. I would love to keep this blog going and want to be more organized with when/what/how frequently I post.

  • Drink more water: It's good for me and I need to get back into the habit of bringing a water bottle to work everyday

because they are currently just sitting in my car.

  • Take better care of myself: Sleep more, always take my makeup off, etc. Easy stuff but makes the biggest difference.

  • Stick to my values: Growing up I was lucky enough to never be forced into believing anything (i.e. a religion, that it's wrong to wear certain things, etc.) . And honestly I think it's the main reason I have the values that I have and the reason why I have stuck to them all of these years. There have been many times this past year where my values have been pushed. And while I may have slipped up here and there (I am only human), I have stuck firmly to what I believe and to what I know I deserve. There are always going to be times, or rather people, who want you to do things you do not feel comfortable with. But you've made it this far and you have to stick to your gut.

  • Check the news twice a week: I hate the news. Literally hate it. Why am I going to waste precious moments of time on this great Earth doing something that makes me sad and angry and want to throw something at the wall? But I know it is important to be a well informed citizen (because frankly it's a privilege). So I'm looking to get better at it. If anyone has any suggestions of reliable (unbiased) sources that are easy for the news newbie to read and keep track of please throw them my way.

  • Watch 12 classic movies I have never seen: My mom is always getting on me for not having seen certain movies that are apparently classics.

  • Watch all the Oscar nominated films: I've been wanting to this for a while now. Year 23: it's time to make it happen.

  • Read 10 plays.

  • Save $50 bucks from each paycheck (and keep it in savings!): I've been really good at putting money in savings but when ever I go to the grocery store, I get nervous for some reason I won't have enough money to pay for my groceries. So it goes right back into my checking. And usually stays there until I end up spending it at the bar. So I'm going to do better because one day when I'm not an intern I'm going to need to pay rent again.

  • Wake up earlier: Not like 5 AM. Or frankly even 7 AM. But on days when I don't have to work until 11:00 AM I'm going to strive to not sleep in until 10 AM. Because waking up early is good for you or something.

  • Go to the Broadway Stage Management Symposium (if work allows): I've been wanting to go to this since the dawn of time, so if my work schedule allows I fully intend on going this year.

  • Cook more: Send me your favorite Pinterest (Crockpot) recipes friends. I pretty much eat everything, but am also kinda not a fan of cooking so hit me with some easy meals.

  • Check three times a week: I want to stay knowledgable about my craft and what is happening in the industry and I'll admit I have not been as good at keeping up with it as I use to.

  • Stage manage my first show outside of college: I'm stage managing my first show outside of college (Our Town) through STC's Young Professionals Conservatory and I am so excited! Here's to new adventures!

  • See 5 shows.

  • Start a bullet journal: My roommate has one and frankly I think it's the perfect way to keep up with all of these goals.

So those are my goals for this year. Thank you all for all of your love and support yesterday and always. Here's to another incredible year,

Much love,



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