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Fear of Flying ✈️

Introducing: Travel Tuesday's

(posted on a Wednesday because most of you all were in bed when it came time to post last night)

So a trip home for the holiday's meant yet another flight for this little traveling babe. And if you are friends with me on Facebook (or frankly follow me on any form of social media) you may have heard about my not so great flight home.

If you didn’t here’s a brief recap re My Facebook status: after an unexpected landing in Denver for a passenger medical emergency (which was suppose to be a direct red eye to DC) some rough turbulence, and very little sleep I have landed in VA 😍shoutout to the nurses and doctors who happened to be on the flight, the flight attendants, and our pilot who handled the situation with grace. And to the beautiful guy in the aisle seat next to me who didn't really do anything except apologize that I had to take off and land twice (because I was clearly freaking out) but deserves a thank you anyway.

****I’d also like to point out I do not hate the taking off and landing as much as I hate being trapped 10 billion feet in the air for a few hours. I actually prefer landing because it means we are safely back on the ground.

Needless to say I was extremely nervous to fly back to Sacramento. Fortunately, the flight was much smoother and we only hit turbulence flying over the mountains. I also sat next to a really sweet girl who was around my age who clearly got that I wasn't a fan of flying.

However, I have another flight coming up in a month or so and I would love to hear any tips you all may have to get yourself through flights. I had a vodka cranberry on the flight back to California, but it only helped so much. I also think I’d be a lot calmer if I wasn’t flying solo but ALAS.

So hit me up with any flying tips you may have so I’m not that girl gasping every time we hit a bumpy part of the flight. Trust me- I have

books, movies, and journals ready but I can rarely calm down enough to actually use them.

Much love always (and happy #traveltuesday on a Wednesday) <3



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