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Exploring Sacramento 🚲

Hello my beautiful and lovely readers,

I've been a little MIA on all social media recently, but I am so excited to be back and I can't wait to share what I've been up too and what I have coming up in the next few weeks/months.

Now for a bit of #traveltuesday mixed in with a #WhatImDrinkingWednesday

​So Thursday I went to Flamingo House with my roommates Erika and Gabby where the beautiful bartender Marko put a beautiful flower in my drink. Flamingo House was essentially a house converted into a bar and they had a huge movie screen outside and a bunch of patio chairs and tables. Apparently in the back there were porch swings, but unfortunately the back was closed. The beautiful drink I had ordered was a pomegranate Moscow Mule and despite being $11.00 it was so delicious I got a second one. I definitely plan on going back not only for another drink but to hopefully take advantage of the outdoor swings and movie when it is a little warmer.

Sunday I finally went to Low Brau for brunch and Kortney and I got megamosa (re: a mega mimosa) which was essentially just a glass of champagne with a splash of orange juice. I also got chicken and waffles which were so so good. We then went thrifting at Freestyle Clothing Exchange. I managed to get 6 shirts for about $30 bucks (which included Target, Gap, and Ralph Lauren brand items) 🎉. We also went to this little bookstore called Timed Tested Books. While I didn't purchase any books (I have plenty waiting to be read at home including a new Ruth Ware I got at Target on Saturday) I fell in love with this bookstore's Beauty and the Beast aesthetic. And yes, if you zoom in on the picture it is the theatre section of the bookstore.

It was really awesome having a day off with Kortney again so we could go exploring our little town. I have been trying to go solo exploring lately and quite honestly find it was less exciting and thrilling.

Now I'm off to watch a little bit more of the Olympics for the night (if you didn't know I'm the biggest Winter Olympic nerd. I mean if you saw the men's half-pipe QUALIFYING round in which Shaun White scored a 98.5 you might understand. Also if you have ever watched short track speed skating you'd get it. ) and potentially finish my book.

I'd love to hear what you are reading this week/month. Hit me up on Twitter with what you are reading @TipsyTTraveler 💜

Stay tuned I've got an exciting #TheatreThursday post coming up on Thursday!

Much love always,



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