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Interviews: How to go from #funemployment to #Bookedit

Happy #TheatreThursday my loves! 🎭

So in the midst of hiring season, I figured I would do a blog post about one of my least favorite things in the world: Interviews. Now as a young theatre professional, I have gone through my fair share of interviews. And while I am way better off at interviews now then even a year ago, I still am always looking for ways to improve. So read my interview tips below (specifically broken down by interview type) and then send me some of your best interview advice!

At large cattle calls, i.e. the SETC Job Fair:

1. Wear comfortable shoes.

You will be standing in lines for hours upon hours. Don't wear shoes you aren't comfortable standing in for long periods of time.

2. Snacks, water, and use the bathroom.

Always always always have a water bottle and granola bar stashed in your bag. The hours and days can go on forever and you don't want to have your stomach grumbling throughout your interview. Also try to go to the bathroom before hand so you don't spend 20 minutes waiting in line only to realize you have to pee when you are next to go.

3. Start small.

Don't go interview with your dream company first. Talk to a few companies to get comfortable before heading to theatre you've been dreaming of working with for months now.

4. Stay positive and energetic.

As long as the days are for you, I guarantee you they are longer for the companies doing the interviews. Stay positive and try to keep up your energy. Companies will appreciate your enthusiasm even if you are the 90th stage manager they have seen that hour.

5. Avoid the right before lunch hour interview.

People tend to be less focused when they are hungry. So go beat the crowds and get an early lunch and use the normal lunch hour to prep for your next set of interviews.

Phone Interviews/Skype Interviews:

1. Charge your phone or laptop.

I always leave my devices plugged in during an interview regardless if my device says it's 100 percent charged. My phone especially has a tendency to die on 60 percent recently, so why take any chances?

2. Check your surroundings.

Make sure you are in a location where you will be to effectively interview. Will you be able to hear your interviewer? Will they be able to hear you? Is the wireless good? Is there distracting things happening around/ behind you?

3. Dress the part.

I don't care if it's a phone interview. At least put on a nice shirt. If you are hanging out in your PJ's you will be sending the wrong vibes into the universe. I mean maybe it'll help you relax and be less nervous, but for me I'm all about dressing decently. It gives me confidence and tells the universe I care and really want this job.

4. Have your resume/cover letter/portfolio ready.

Even though you don't have to physically flip through your book or turn in a resume, it's useful to have this stuff on hand to reference back to when answering questions.

All interviews:

1. Do your research.

Know what the company's season is, their mission, names of people working there, etc. Comb through their website as much as you can. Will everything you research come up in the interview? Probably not. But trust me the interviewer will be impressed if you took the time to do your research.

2. Have questions ready.

Chances are they will answer most of your questions when they breakdown the job position for you. So have a couple questions ready, even if it's asking them what they love about the company or their favorite show they have worked on.

3. Send a follow up.

Always. Always. ALWAYS. Send an email within 24 (or so) hours thanking them for their time. They are busy people and they took the time out of their busy days to interview you- so be appreciative.

4. Breathe.

There will be more interviews. Don't put so much pressure on yourself. Interviews are just like auditions in the sense that half the time it has nothing to do with you. So don't stress if the interview was only 15 minutes when your last two interviews have been around 35 minutes. I've booked jobs off of a 5 minute interview (#TheGoRound) and been passed by on longer interviews. So just keep grinding💪🏼

Hope this helps anyone who may be newer to interviews or who may have anxiety when it comes to interviews. Keep working hard and slaying because I promise they get easier✨

Much love always,



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