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Man of La Mancha Monday

Where in the world is Chelsea?

As I write this blog post, I'm at a cute coffee shop in Midtown happily sipping on an iced mocha and enjoying an occasional glance at the not one, but two, beautiful baristas working behind the counter.

But this past month, I have been spending most (honestly all) of my time at the theatre working as a production assistant (and assisting on props as necessary) on STC's MainStage production of Man of La Mancha. Being the PA for this show has been such a rewarding experience and I've been enjoying my time hanging with the "big kids" (re: not the children.)

This show allowed me to experience my first preview week as well! For those of you who don't know, previews are a time (post dress rehearsals) where you do the show for an audience to get some feedback before officially opening the show. After the show, you typically have a notes session with the cast and then a rehearsal the next day to work certain songs/scenes before doing the show again for another audience that night. I think the hardest part of previews was keeping track of the changes each day while sleep deprived (or reminding the actors of any changes because they definitely had more changes than we did backstage). But hey -that's why we right things down!

Yesterday (after a long week in La Mancha), I spent my evening with Kortney doing a little #SelfCareSunday. I ordered Chinese food, we made popcorn, drank wine, put on some face masks and watched Newsies. It was a stressful week so it was nice having some time to unwind. Today I went to brunch with the equity ASM of MOLM, went to a bookstore, went thrifting (and didn't spend any money-#miracle) and am now just enjoying a solo adventure day out of the apartment.

While I love that I am finally making some more friends here, I hate that it is coming so close to the end of my internship. I have a few more adventures planned here in Sacramento, including a trip to see An American in Paris with Kortney, but would love to spend my remaining days here with incredible people! So hit me up if you want to adventure or hang out before I leave.

Also be sure to check me out on Instagram (@seachels1294) Twitter (@seachels12 and @TipsyTTraveler ) and Snapchat (@usacheer12) to get the latest updates on my last Sacramento adventures and as I make my way across the US to New Harmony and then back to the happiest place on Earth 💜.

Much love always,



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