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Letting Go

Aren't you glad I didn't title this "Let it Go" ?

Well for your reference this is the most iconic costume change I've seen probably ever in my life so I'll just leave this here.

I'm a sucker for a good costume change and if I ever needed work because of a lull in SM jobs, I'd 1000 percent be a dresser.

Now on to today's post.

Theatre is fleeting. You spend all of your days in rehearsals for hours on hours for weeks before heading into tech (which means even more time) and then performances. You are around the same people all of the time. Especially in summer stock, because you tend to live with the people you are working with and then all hang out on your days off.

You make friends,

You form a community.

Often times they are your family when you can't be with your own.

And then, just like that, the show closes.

You pack up your things.

You say your goodbyes.

And then you are on to your next gig.

I've always gotten the worst post show depression imaginable. Especially if I'm not immediately on to the next gig. I am that person posting Instagram throwbacks from years ago.

Now I have gotten a lot better about getting so sentimental about everything I ever do because I've come to learn I'm going to work with people again. This industry is SO SMALL.

This summer I am working with both an actress and choreographer (both of whom I adore) at a completely different theatre than where I met them.

Last night I met someone who is from the middle of nowhere Indiana (no offense Evansville) who when telling him I went to JMU asked if I knew Casey Klein.

Do I know Casey (Martin*) Klein? 😵

He had also worked with Kate before.

Like how freaking small is this industry and world.

I read recently in Anna Kendrick's book that she grew to love this fleeting part of theatre, and so I am hoping I grow to love it too.

But something new, that I am experiencing for the first time here at New Harmony, is leaving mid-process. Ask anyone who has ever interviewed me and they'll tell you my favorite part of stage management is being there for the whole process from beginning to end (#noseyMF). And this is the first time I have ever left a show. Yes I am going to start prepping and rehearsing the musical soon and I'm going to fall equally in love.

But never did I ever expect for this to be this hard. I've been in charge of tracking one specific actor and his props because he literally exits and enters with a new thing every other page in Act 1. And it has been awesome seeing his character develop and he's also just flat out hilarious and incredibly kind. During the first run on Sunday, I was suppose to just sit and help out in an SOS situation. My heart was aching not doing the scene shifts and just watching. It also doesn't help that the cast is incredible and keeps saying they don't want me to go.

So this mid-show depression is probably honestly worst than post show depression tbh (probably because it's new to me). And as I told one of the actors, I'm not leaving the company- I'm just not there for all of the performances. We literally live across the smallest patch of grass from each other, so it isn't like I won't be seeing them.

But for the rest of tech, I might just have to gaff my hands together or start paperwork for the next show so I don't lose my mind.

What do you all do to avoid post show/mid show depression?

Much love,




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