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Summerstock Killed Me: 5 Tips to Recharge

Man oh man it has been WAY to long since I have written a blog post (like I was missing writing posts which never happened when I first started this blog). I finished up an incredible summer working as an ASM at New Harmony Theatre and I am officially done with the first half of pre-pro here at the Go Round for Murder for Two. I am so excited to be back despite already feeling like I need an IV of caffeine. And I promise to get back on a more regular posting schedule oh so very soon -as I have a bunch of posts sitting in the drafts folder. But until then, here's a little list for anyone who is feeling burnt out after their summer stock season or to help those of us with shows still left to do ( #twosummerstocks1summer).

1. Unplug.

If you are still working a summer stock, I wouldn't recommend unplugging for an entire day (just being realistic here people). But taking an hour off of not checking your email while you are cooking dinner is not going to be the end of the world*. This includes not checking social media/dropbox/etc.. If you aren't mid-season, then try unplugging for a whole day. I promise you the emails will still be there tomorrow.

*Reader's discretion is advised as to at what point in the process you unplug. I personally wouldn't recommend unplugging during tech, but hey whatever you think is best.

2. Utilize your day off.

Because we only get one day off a week, we tend to spend it doing laundry, buying groceries, cleaning the house. However, I encourage you to try and use your day off doing something fun or that you enjoy. Whether that be reading a book or going on an adventure to a nearby city, use your day off as a day off without responsibilities.

(I'm not saying you should do this every day off, but if you are feeling burnt out this is a must.)

3. See some theatre.

This may seem counterproductive, but I promise this works for me every single time. If I am feeling uninspired in my work, I'll go see an incredible piece of theatre to remind me why I do what I do. Every time I see a good show I re-fall in love with theatre and it reminds me how lucky I am to be a small part in bringing joy to so many people every night. Recently I saw Holiday Inn at Merry Go Round Playhouse (twice), which I absolutely adored. While the script wasn't the strongest, the production value was high and I fell in love with all of the tap numbers and the over 250 costume pieces.

4. Spend time with /find your tribe.

Theatre people are lucky enough to have SUCH large tribes because we are always in new places meeting new people. Not that the number of people should ever outweigh the quality of people, BUT take advantage of the fact that you are constantly surrounded by some of the most supportive, loving, accepting people on planet Earth. Hang out with them. Get to know their deepest fears. Don't talk about work. You don't have to do anything or spend any money to find your tribe of people. They are there and they are incredible, so go find them.

Relationships in theatre are like dandelions. You are each individual seeds that get really close to one another and then all of a sudden the wind scatters you all in a million different directions. And it's hard and it's one of the things I struggle with daily. But I am a firm believer in if something is meant to happen in your life it will. If you are meant to be in a city, you'll end up there eventually. If you are meant to get the job, you will book the job. If you are meant to be with another person, you will find each other in a random coffee shop in five years and pick up right where you left off.

You will meet your people and saying goodbye will seem impossible. But think of all of the beautiful dandelion seeds you have spread across the map supporting and loving you from afar. And eventually some day, you will be blown to the place you are suppose to be/ to the job you are suppose to be at/ or to the person you are suppose to be with, and it will be happy and joyous and you can grow into the best you possible.

5. Breathe.

This is seemingly the easiest, but it is most definitely the hardest on this entire list. But this one can be done anytime and anywhere. When you are feeling entirely burnt out, take a second and close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths. You may be stressed in this moment, but you will get through it. This moment will not define who you are or what you become (most likely). You are doing theatre -it isn't the end of the world. Breathe.

So that's the list folks, hope you liked it- even if it was super sappy/hippy/etc.

Much love always (and more posts coming soon),



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