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But you're here with us in New York City

Hello my lovely readers and happy Tuesday !

Skip down to the * if you solely want to read about my trip to the city. Keep reading if you want a little blog update.

So recently on Instagram I did a little survey just to check in to see how my followers /readers were feeling about this little blog. The feedback was SUPER helpful and I am currently working on a mini blog reboot/ update coming soon! But until then one thing I plan on working on is getting back on a better blogging schedule…

While this doesn’t necessarily mean posting MORE it willl mean I try to post more consistently.

The "schedule" will be as follows:

Travel Tuesday: These blog posts will tend to focus on whatever adventure I went on during my day off/ that weekend.

Theatre Thursday: These post will be more of the theatre tips/tricks/list posts based on what I've learned thus far in my theatre career.

I am also hoping to have at least one guest post a month and at least two interview based posts a month as well.

Also while I've been working on this blog update, I have considered dividing up my blog post into travel, theatre, and food and drink. However, on my recent travel adventure my best friend Sarah said she liked how all of my post were in chronological order. She also mentioned that there tends to be quite a bit of overlap in my posts & so it might become difficult to separate based on theatre/travel/food and drink. However, I'd love to hear what you think so comment below: Do you like my post the way they are? Or do you want to see them separated?


* The blog post about my little day off trip to the greatest city in the world.

So a week ago from yesterday, I kinda got my heart broken a little. Ok well a lot. And if you didn't know about it, I wrote a blog post about it so click the photo stage right to find out more.

But to put it simply, it's kinda the worst thing ever & it caused me to think a lot about my life & career & relationships with people. However, my main girl Sarah (& all of my squad- Molly, Katie, Christina, & Ashlynn) have been there for me every step of the way. And while most girls go and get a haircut after a rough heart break, I am not most girls// I take trips and see kick ass theatre.

On Monday morning, I woke up at 8 AM to take a solo trip into the city. Which I'll be honest and say it was a bit of a struggle because the night before me and some friends got #BajaBlasted.

AKA we went to the Taco Bell Canteen-a in Downtown New Haven where they serve alcohol! After we got our Baja Blast -with our choice of tequila, vodka, or rum- and tacos we went to a bar called Partners & hung out for a few more hours.

Anyways, I woke up and my fantastic roommate drove me to the train station (which is SO close to my apartment) and I caught the 9:23 am train to the city. Thanks to Sarah, I had already purchased my tickets through the MTA app. I purchased the "ten-trip" which essentially means I get ten 1 way trips into the city, or rather 5 round trip. It was $151 and I had purchased it before I even moved to New Haven. I decided the investment was worth it because I could use these trips to not only see shows, but to meet friends for coffee/blog interviews/networking,etc.

Once I got on the train, I "activated" my ticket via the app and was on my way! The train ride was around 1 hour and 50 minutes, but it wasn't to bad. I read Lauren Graham's book "In Conclusion, Don't Worry About It" and a beautiful man who smelled very nice sat next to me and he had a Rio jacket on. I wanted to ask him if he was an Olympian, but I chickened out. After he left, a woman sat next to me and she left her bag behind while she went to the bathroom. Needless to say, this paranoid the crap out of me because you are never EVER suppose to watch a stranger's bag. I was hoping to flag down a train employee, but thankfully she returned and the train was still intact.

But lesson learned- Don't be afraid to ask people to take their stuff with them when they go to the bathroom.

Once I arrived at Grand Central Station, Sarah met me and we went to the Anastasia box office for Sarah to get tickets for later in the week. We then took a quick trip to The Drama Bookshop and I purchased three new plays: Two Trains Running (August Wilson), Junk (Ayad Akhtar), and Tiny Beautiful Things (Nia Vardalos; which is also a show Long Wharf is doing later this season). We then went to the restaurant Playwrights where I got some sangria and a cheeseburger. Unfortunately, the sangria wasn't as sweet as I wanted it to be and they ran out of buns so my burger was on a baguette. But I was just living my best life with one of my best friends so honestly it was all good.

We then decided to take a leisurely walk to the Museum of Illusions. And by leisurely, it was a 20 block mistake. But just the walk, not the museum. Sarah and I had a blast trying to figure out all the different illusions. It was around $18 with student id (TY JMU for not having an expiration date on our ID'S) and we had a blast! I wish it was a LITTLE larger so we could have spent more time there, but overall it was a fun little adventure. We then walked on the high line for a little bit, I got pumpkin gelato, and we took the subway to Central Park where I met up with Madison from SMMP & her finacé Alex. We all chit chatted over some Starbucks and had a little photoshoot.

Side note: There were kids RUNNING on these rocks, meanwhile I almost fell just standing up to take a photo.

After this Sarah and I made our way to Magnolia's Bakery and I got banana pudding because would it really be a trip to the city without it? We then just chilled out at a coffee shop and charged our phones a little before the show.

Want to know what I thought about Once on This Island? Well in short, it was phenomenal and I have thoughts of lots and feelings about it, but I'm waiting to share them until this #TheatreThursday. So stay tuned.

After the show, Sarah ever so kindly walked me back to the train station. And by walked I mean we lightly jogged because I was so paranoid about missing my train. Thankfully I made it and my phone wasn't completely dead so I was able to show the conductor my ticket. I arrived back in New Haven, sleepy, sweaty and sore but ever so inspired.

New York City never fails to take my breath away.

And I can't wait until I can call the city my home.

But until then I am already planning my return trip.

Much love always,

Chels 💜


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