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I'm Riding Solo: 5 Tips for Adventuring Alone

Hello my loves and welcome to this week's addition of #TravelTuesday !

So if you follow me on social media, you may have noticed I have had the past four days off of work. Last week was pre-production week for a show I am starting at Long Wharf called Paradise Blue and this week we start rehearsals. Because we were ever so efficient during prep week, it granted us the privilege of getting not one, but THREE days off in addition to our regular Monday off.

I was so excited because this meant I would have a real weekend for the first time since probably high school and it would be my first real time off that wasn't being used to travel to the next gig (except for a week last Christmas).

So I spent my four days doing a lot of different things- taking a trip to the farmer's market and a local park, a trip to NYC to see Kerry Washington (& company) slay in American Son, returning throw pillows & other adult errands, watching tons of Gilmore Girls and a few movies- and I primarily spent them alone. My roommate was working and went home for her day off, and the rest of my friends were on a show schedule (aka working).

What's the big deal Chelsea?

Um, well here's the thing. I hate being alone. I hate doing things alone. Even if we aren't talking, I love having another presence in the room with me at (almost) all times. I like (most) people and I think life is better when, "my belly is full and my heart is happy". (Actual quote from me when spending time with people I love). Additionally, having not got my license until the young and chipper age of 22, I've never been super independent independent in the sense of adventuring alone (just in the "I Don't need a man" independent way).

So here is a little list of five tips I gathered this weekend while adventuring alone that I think everyone should know before there first solo adventure!

1. Always be aware of your surroundings.

This one seems like common sense, but it is so true, especially for my ladies out there. Don't leave your bag or drink unattended. Look both ways before you cross the street- especially in NYC. Often times in the city we just cross with the masses of people and cross our fingers we don't get run over. But hey, if you look both ways, chances you get hit will decrease tremendously.

2. Be prepared.

Charge your phone. Bring a phone charger. Carry some cash (not a lot). Bring a book. Probably an umbrella.

When you are traveling alone, it is extremely important you are prepared for anything. I mean you don't have to pack a flashlight and your sleeping bag per-say, but it's always good to be as prepared as possible if anything were to happen. For me this means having a charged phone (& a charger in my purse because I know it'll die based on the sheer amount of photos I take) and a little bit of cash (no more than $20 normally). I always check the weather for even the slightest chance of rain. Be prepared based on where you are going and how long you are going for.

3. Put your phone down.

I love taking photos and I love social media. Clearly. But you're going to miss all of the beauty and fun of the adventure, if you're living it through your iPhone camera. I am so guilty of this and am doing my best to get better at living in the moment. My trip to the farmers market led me to try my first acai bowl and walk around the park and I only took two photos (Which is good for me). Life is so beautiful so take time to look up.

4. Tell people where you are going and how long you are going to be there.

Another safety precaution but it's always better to be safe than sorry. Give at least one person a heads up to where you are heading and how long you think you are going to be there. That way if something happens people have some clue as to where you were. Also if you are running late (hit traffic/something comes up) let people know so they don't worry about you. Because lots of people care about you (especially me!) & you don't want them to worry while you're being your fierce solo traveling self.

5. Do it.

While I wasn't sure how I was going to handle all these adventures alone, I will be honest and say I was extremely proud of myself for doing it. Like never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would be brunching alone on a Sunday afternoon, but I did. While I definitely still prefer adventuring with friends, I can officially say that I am capable of doing it alone. And I even found myself enjoying it a few times.

I hope this little list was super helpful to anyone thinking about taking their first little journey alone or served as a good reminder to those who may do this all the time.

While this girl really enjoyed her days off, I am very excited to get back to work (and to stop spending so much $$$) and to being surrounded by people I love. Also I'm very excited to start my first show with automation!!!!!

PS. My blog reboot is coming along lovely and should be out this week and I can't WAIT for you all to see it!

Much love always,



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