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5 Tips for Getting Through Sportsball

Are you spending quarantine with a dad who only watches golf?

Or perhaps a partner who has ESPN on 24/7?

Normally, we are in a rehearsal or a show or doing literally anything else during these sporting events.

But global pandemic and all.

And I know there's the stereotype that theatre kids and sports kids can't mix. But a la HSM, we don't have to stick to the status quo and we can find a way to coexist.

And who knows, you might actually find yourself enjoying a game or two 😉

So here are six tips on how to make it through sporting events for the not so sports inclined.

1. Know (and remember) the basics.

So this is very important. Jason is an encyclopedia when it comes to sports knowledge and I honestly don't know how he remembers everything, but once you know the basics it becomes a little more enjoyable to watch. I've broken down the basics of all of the quarantine sports happenings on my Instagram stories so you have a good place to start.

The key here is to then remember the knowledge you have gained. Depending on who you are watching the game with, they might get frustrated if you continue asking the same questions over and over. If you do have questions try and save them for the commercials. Luckily, my questions are always welcomed and always met with the most thorough responses.

Pro tip: It's also good to remember key players/ favorite players from some of the stories they tell you because sometimes you can impress them with your mad sports knowledge.

2. Fuel yourself.

The most important part of any sporting event is the food and beverages. Our menu for the grand event has been the topic of conversation for weeks now and here's what we are making:

- Buffalo Chicken Dip and chips

- Candied bacon

- Pizza Rolls

- Wings

- Sugar cookies shaped like footballs, helmets, and jerseys

- Beer

- Panther's Punch

I'll be sharing a little NFL Sunday vlog on YouTube next week so be sure to check it out.

3. Pick a fierce uniform.

The uniform (aka your costume) is the second most important part of any sporting event. Break out the jeans and fall booties, pick the team with the cutest colors (or your favorite team) and go to town!

4. Yell (or project).

Next up is the sporting event itself. Chances are the game is going to get going and things will get heated. Remind yourself and your fellow game watchers (especially if they are a performer) to be careful with their voice when things start to get amped up.

5. Prepare for the L (the loss), but expect the win.

If your team loses it can be a real bummer for everyone, but you should still have food and drinks left to ease the loss or celebrate the win.

6. Suggest other outlets.

The sports game ends and you are thinking man, I did it. I got through the game.

bUt THe GamE nevER eNds.

There's always post show talkbacks and more two show days.

And maybe you fell in love with sports.

But maybe you didn't.

If your other half is still itching for more sports and you'd rather not, I highly recommend suggesting other outlets. Perhaps they can read the Turf (a blog about sports by theatre people that my friend Kev writes for) or join a fantasy football league.

Still want to hang out together?

Try suggesting watching a sports based television or movie instead?

Hope this helps you get through sports week!

Much love always,



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