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5 Tips for Overcoming Rejection

Wait didn't 2020 just start? But also it feels like it's January 74th?

Well a new month means a new focus and this month is a big one: the idea of not being good enough.

Last month I sat on my friend's sofa and cried because imposter syndrome hit me hard. I was thinking about all of the people who look to me as inspiration for this that or the other and was like, "They realize I'm kind of a shit show right?"

I am the worst at saving money. I hate grocery shopping. Sometimes I eat kettle corn for lunch.

And finally, there are people who look at me and go wow this girl is "always booked and always working".

However, just because it looks like I am "always booked and always working" does not mean I don't also face rejection.

I apply (on average) to 10 jobs a week.

I may hear back from 4 of them.

3 of those responses are a no.

But it only takes 1 yes.

And you want to know a little secret? When I want a job (or quite frankly anything), I put it in the universe that I want it. Like as hippy-dippy as that seems it has worked for my friends and I (remember Jesse from the other week? Yeah I knew he was going to book that cruise before he even auditioned) 95% of the time.

And there was a job I applied to recently that I really wanted. I manifested it, I thought the interview went well, and I waited. I was even ready to turn down a job I had already agreed to (but had yet to sign a contract for) for this opportunity.

Enter your predictions here about what happens next.

I didn't book it.

And I cried. Got angry. Was disappointed. All of those feelings I usually feel when dudes reject me came out.

Being rejected from a job I really, really wanted made me feel like I was not good enough to work in this crazy city I'm pouring my heart and soul into.

And it sucks feeling this way and my heart goes out to everyone doing this day in and day out. Facing rejection is guaranteed in this field and it is the main reason so many of us feel like we aren't good enough.

But the thing is you are more than good enough. Chances are you are to good. But because rejection is a part of this crazy thing we do and hiring season is coming up, I've decided to give you my ....

Top 5 Tips for Dealing with Rejection

1. Don't take it personal.

I wrote a whole blog post on this last year(click the photo to read it), but you can't take rejection personally. Theatre politics is like nothing else and half the time you don't get the job it has absolutely nothing to do with you.

2. Apply /audition a lot.

The more you apply/audition for, the less rejection sucks (and the more chance you will get a job). While not getting a job you really want still sucks, the "no's" do get easier the more you hear them. You get used it to and you are able to pick yourself up and move forward faster.

3. Ask for feedback.

Humble yourself and ask for feedback (if you are in that position). Make sure it's appropriate (i.e. you were a final candidate as opposed to a job you applied for and just never heard back from). The best way to know how to get the job next time is to learn why you didn't get it this time. Employers also love learners and people who strive for growth and will take note of your go-getter attitude for the future.

4. Get better.

Once you have this feedback, use it to go improve your skills. Take a class, read a book, ask more questions. WE ARE NEVER DONE LEARNING. The best way to make sure you are booked next time is to level up.

5. Keep going.

It only takes one yes. And the one yes is going to be amazing. So keep up the hard work- you got this.

Much love always,



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