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Be a doer, not a dreamer.

Coffee Lover. Quote Enthusiast. Happy Planner. Theatre maker.

And in 2017: A Doer.

I am currently reading Shonda Rhimes's book A Year of Yes and although I'm only a part of the way through it, one quote has really stuck out to me thus far:

"Be a doer, not a dreamer."

Now anyone who knows me, knows how much I love to dream. I am constantly looking ahead- to the weekend, to graduation, to Broadway. My Pinterest probably has at least 45 different quotes about dreaming. But heading into 2017 my goal is to dream less, do more. I want to live in the current moment and enjoy what I am doing with the people I am surrounded by. This means putting down my phone and engaging because the world is a beautiful place filled with beautiful people. Sitting around staring at a screen wishing I was out on a date or working in the theatre of my dreams isn't going to make it happen. 2017 is the year of doing.

And that starts today. This semester I took a Voice for the Stage class in which we were required to journal at least three times a week. At first, I was forcing myself to put the time and effort into writing my feelings down. Eventually though, I found myself enjoying writing and I knew that once the class and assignment ended, I would want to continue. However, writing takes time. My hand cramps. And as a millineal, I type a hell of a lot faster than I write. And once the semester started back up I knew I would find excuses not to write. So I thought about starting a blog. And here I am, doing it.

Will I share everything I write? No.

Will I share even half of what I write? Probably not.

But I am doing it and that is better than yesterday.

Until next time- just keep swimming <3



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